Beginning from the End.


I am baffled at the amount of our time we spend in ponder and procrastination. All the time we wallow in the wonderful mix of to-do-it-now-or-later, maybe-when-the-time-is-right-now-or-later, and silently slips away.

I must confess that I have had a horrible time defeating it and so, I am going to defend it. It took me all these years to understand that I was fighting something that I actually loved. I loved my procrastination.

So dear Procrastination , here I come!

Could I be going bonkers praising it? Yes! and you could be right, from a perspective.

If you know me, then you would have wondered: what would have gotten me off the couch to set up this website. Ego? Desire to Prove? Action-oriented-life? Popularity? Ugh..

I just want to be me here..

The website was certain to come. The spirit was strong, but the flesh was weak..

Who is to take all the courage and the work that would go into building a site. And who is going to read it? I am going to spend all my time grueling in the ring to extract an article and then hoping to conjure a reader in you. This is like going to hell and hoping heaven’s door is on the other side.

And for all it takes, I have decided. I will set up this so that I can keep it as an epitaph to my time spent in procrastination.

Here I then begin from the end.


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