Linux Distro, LibreOffice and Liberating Learning


I want to pen here what I have been learning the past few days…

I have successfully installed the Linux distro called Linux Mint on two laptops. This was a good learning.

I did have my doubts of my capability, but found that all you need is available on the web. If you can look for it and understand the basic concepts, then even at my ag,e you can get quite a good amount of technical work done.

To be honest, Linux Mint XFCE worked like a charm. It ran so smooth that it was unbelievable. I also was able to install Wine and update LibreOffice version 5.3.3 on it.

I now have decided to use Linux Mint as it runs pretty fast and does not hang even after a long usage as Windows does on my system. LibreOffice, on the other hand, is an amazing Microsoft Office replacement. The only thing I miss though is Onenote.

My deep regards to all from the Linux Mint team and that of LibreOffice. These guys are doing a fab job. I have begun to like the Liberation Font from Red hat.

In all, the learning has been awesome, thought it took a bit of my time.

I have also been reading intensively… more of this in time to come… Cheers! And Bye!!!


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