“The light at the end of the corporate training tunnel is Tyrron Whyte”

..its been more than a decade since I have known Tyrron Whyte. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work provides the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundations for a new era of Training!”
Tyrron is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and is a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage to bring the best in you.
Tyrron has always been a great trainer and a greater motivator. I wish him success in all his ventures.

A Testimonial for Tyrron (Leo)

A Voracious reader, literatueur, linguist, management consultant, trainer, motivator, editor, art critic and many more. Tyrron (Leo) Whyte is an icon of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. He has the uncanny ability to bring in new insights and perspectives to the many problems and challenges one faces in one’s personal or professional life.
Even a brief conversation with him gives me the joy of a fresh breeze and the imposing expanse of nature. Truly an intellectual par excellece!

Dr. V. Rama Rao