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What I do and how we can synergize

Tyrron Whyte, known to all friends and colleagues as “Leo”, has been involved in teaching, training and operation/training management the past 16+ years. His experiences during his career involved the fields of Teaching, Finance, Infra Management Services, Education Consulting and Training. He is also the founder and editor of the popular literature e-zine Indian Review.

With an educational background in literature and business management, he has a forte for inspiring people to learn with his dynamic presentation style. He enjoys connecting with people so as to bring out the best in them.

He as worked with companies,through employment with HSBC, NIIT, TechMahindra and GRS IT Solutions.

About Tyrron (Leo)

Tyrron (Leo) is the Editor of Indian Review, a literature magazine. He also shares his exepertise as a keynote speaker and trainer for various companies.


Success Begins with A Little Change

The Principles of Success are very few but they call for practice and hard work. Success also calls for us to work on changing ourselves bit by bit. Change is something that will happen no matter whether we like it or not. The things around us change, the people around us change and we too change. The best we can do is be prepared and ready for the change.

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Success Begins with Little Change

A professor once walked into the classroom with a glass of water. He stood before the class and asked, “Can you guess what is the weight of this glass of water that I hold in my hand?” The students began to guess, “125 gm”, “150 gm”, another said “137gm” and so on. The professor stopped […]

Stress and Flow: The Synergy of Life

In the Zone "Uke" in Okinawan Karate, is a blocking technique that means to "receive" the force of the opponent. The "receiver" is also asked to move forward towards the opponent while "receiving" the impact of the blows  “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, (he) concentrates his mind wonderfully,”  […]