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Here's why Tyrron can make a difference

Quality Training

Training is not just about change it is also about respect, care and nurturing trust. It is a relationship that creates the excellence.

Motivational Training

Intrinsic or Extrinsic? Motivation is not just a one-time feel good factor. It involves the process process of questioning and creating directions for change

Post Training Support

Research shows the Train and Exit method does not work. Both trainer and trainee are responsible for not just the learning but the implementation that follows.

Training ROI Matters

Money is the respect one gives for the quality provided. We set standards at the outset , and if we fail you do not pay. And we believe we do make a difference.

A Few Testimonials

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About Tyrron “Leo” Whyte

A Management Training Consultant


Tyrron’s Profile…

Tyrron ”Leo” Whyte has been involved in operations and training management the past 16+ years. His experiences during his career has been around the fields of Finance, Infra Management Services, Education Consulting and Training.
With an educational background in literature and business management, he enjoys inspiring and connecting with people so as to bring out the best in them. He is passionate about facilitating the motto “together for excellence” through his work. He has been associated through employment with companies like HSBC, NIIT, and TechMahindra. He also has had a stint in entrepreneurship and directed a training facility for 11 Colleges with GRS IT Solutions (The Swamy Group of Institutions) at Vizag.
Currently he shares his knowledge and expertise as a management consultant and trainer with various Engineering & MBA Colleges and Corporates. He is also the founder and editor of the popular literature magazine called Indian Review.

Build a better business ...

We'll show you everything you need to know to get your product/service in the hands of your clients. Effective Training not just builds up the skills of an employee it all motivates them to understand their potential.

Training that is effective is the training that gets results. And is long term

On not writing for so long…

I began this blog a while ago and I am yet to set myself up to writing here. And all this while I have been in a quagmire of guilt hoping that one day soon I shall find the inspiration to start my journey of exploration. The guilt stays sore, and the journey is yet […]